COMING SOON! Dyecrete Colour Stain

Dyecrete is a high performance terracotta stain that adds an attractive colour to concrete ornaments and pots.

Natural earth-based iron-oxide pigments are blended with an effective plant-based binder to produce a durable and natural looking finish.

Dyecrete formulations have been used for over twenty years on concrete ornaments.

The product is supplied in easy-to-use pouches.

Dyecrete is not recommended for use on paved areas, patios or driveways or any surfaces subjected to pedestrian traffic.


Natural earth-based iron-oxide pigments, blended with an effective plant-based binder.



Dyecrete product formulations contain the highest quality ingredients.

Our colour stains have been used successfully for over 20 years on concrete oranaments.

Natural Colour

Dyecrete produces a natural matt colour when diluted.

Can produce a nice sheen if used in its concentrated form.